51th-masterclass 3 - 13th
Deadline for applications
31st May 2018
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František Kantor, Václav Kunt

František KANTOR

František Kantor

  • played in the opera orchestra of the National Theatre in Brno (piccolo player, 1st flutist), at present he is a solopiccolist of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
  • associate professor at the Faculty of Music, JAMU in Brno
  • focuses intensively on chamber music - he is a member of the Foerster Wind Quintet, the baroque ensemble Camerata brunae and performs with the classical guitar player Vladislav Bláha and with the orchestra Czech Virtuosi. His is active also in other music genres - jazz, folk, pop and avant-garde music
  • has been recording for the Czech radio and television

Tuition description

In his lessons, he will concentrate not only on methodology (tone making, breathing, dynamics versus intonation, finger technique), but also on issues of understanding of a music work structure. Piccolo lessons with emphasis on solo and orchestral repertoire are a part of his master class. He gives a lecture on baroque music interpretation with focus on free variations.

Václav KUNT

Václav Kunt

  • first flutist of the Janáček opera orchestra in Brno for 10 years
  • a soloist of the Prague Chamber Orchestra without Conductor for 23 years
  • laureate of competitions
  • a regular professor at the Faculty of Music, JAMU,  teacher at J. Neruda Music Secondary School in Prague, teaches also abroad
  • as a soloist he has performed all over the world (e.g. in Germany, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea)
  • has made a lot of CDs for renowned labels (Harmonia Mundi, Praga digital, Orfeo, Supraphon, MusicVars, GZ) and tens of broadcast recordings
  • concentrates on chamber music playing not only with piano, harpsichord and harp, but also with many other instruments and in various instrumental combinations
  • organizes master classes in his home country as well as abroad

Tuition description

Besides individual lessons there will be a seminar on methodology aiming on flute playing technique (breathing, tone making, articulation, controlling of registers etc.) and a listening seminar focusing on interpretation in different stylistic periods. An exhibition of flute and flute head joints wil be organized and it will include a lecture by a flute maker (possible topics: maintenance of instrument, flute making and materials, how to solve the essential problems with instrument, flute makers etc.)

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