51th-masterclass 3 - 13th
Deadline for applications
31st May 2018
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We offer

  • 5 lessons (recommended) in the duration of 45 minutes to every active participant (it is possible to combine lessons with and without accompanist)
  • the possibility to choose a tutor if there are more teachers in one discipline
  • the opportunity to play at concerts which are organized daily during the course time
  • a suffi cient number of practice rooms and practice hours
  • free access to any lessons and seminars of all disciplines, and to concerts organized within the master classes
  • the opportunity to record a CD or DVD
  • the possibility of studying in the library of JAMU and lending scores


In the end, every active participant will receive a certifi cate of participation in The International Music Master Classes.


Active or passive participation in master classes is possible.

The active participation is recommended for:

  • students and graduates from conservatoires and other music schools
  • students and graduates from music colleges and academies of music
  • professional musicians
  • teachers at music schools

Participation is not limited by age.