51th-masterclass 3 - 13th
Deadline for applications
31st May 2018
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CZK 1,100 or a reduced fee of CZK 800 for those applicants

who participated in the courses in previous years.


For passive participants: CZK 2,000

For active participants (in CZK):

Number of lessons Lessons with teacher  Lessons with teacher and accompanist Member of chamber ensemble*
5 4900 6900 3400
4 3900 5600 2800
3 3100 4300 2200
2 2200 2900 1500
1 1100 1500 1800
6. and any other lesson 700 1200 600

There is a possibility to order extra lessons with accompanist only for CZK 700/ lesson.
*) As a requirement of the chamber music classes all members of the ensemble have to be present. It is possible to form an ensemble during the master classes.


• 50 % of the tuition fee of the 2nd and another discipline in case of applying for two or more disciplines.

The enrolment fee has to be paid by 31 May 2018 and the bank receipt together with the application form has to be sent in as soon as possible afterwards.

In case of cancellation or absence, the enrolment fee will not be refunded with the exception of not accepting the application on the part of the Faculty of Music.

The transfer of the tuition fee has to be done in the way that the tuition fee will have provenly been at the payee's account by the beginning of the courses at the latest. The transfer has to include a note „free of charge for the payee".

Account: Hudební fakulta JAMU - MIK
Bank: KB Brno-město, nám. Svobody 21
Bank Account No: 27-0493900217/0100
IBAN: CZ77 0100 0000 2704 9390 0217